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Rimini and surroundings

Find out what to do in Rimini: you will be spoiled for choice with amusement parks, natural routes, pubs and wellness solutions.
You probably know Rimini because of its famous large beaches, but we at Villa Lalla care to enrich your stay with visits to Rimini’s precious hinterland.
Rimini is not only sea. You should know that this is the land that was once contested by 2 big families like the Malatesta and the Montefeltro.
Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, whom lots of streets are named after today, and Federico da Montefeltro were always struggling for the possession of this territory divided between the valley of the Conca river and that of the Marecchia river.
A good 4 towns in the hinterland are included in the list of Italy’s most beautiful villages. Here is some information on their history:

San Leo and Verucchio

On the side of Marecchia, the valley is home to two villages of incredible charm. San Leo, which was even the capital of Italy, is a village perched on an imposing boulder overlooking greenery. Get lost through the narrow streets of its untouched center and visit the castle to enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape. You may not know that this is exactly the place that inspired Piero della Francesca for its famous paintings.
Verucchio is the hometown of the Malatesta family and the seat of the Villanovian civilization that came before the Etruscans. The archaeological excavations made from 1893 to 2005 brought to light over 600 tombs dating back to the tenth and the seventh centuries B.C. Verucchio was then greatly influenced by the Romans and renamed by them “verrucula”, which means small verruca, since it is the only place where to get a privileged view of the surrounding countryside. Don’t miss visiting the civic museum and walking in the midst of nature.

Montefiore Conca

Montefiore Conca houses the most important symbol of the Malatesta family, the so-called medieval skyscraper, that is, the fortress of the village. In 1295 Malatesta da Verucchio conquered Rimini and Montefiore. Only in 1462 could Federico da Montefeltro regain the territory with great effort.
The name of the village derives from the fact that it is totally hemmed in by greenery. The best activity to do is surely walking inside and outside the walls and enjoying the little streets and nature.

San Giovanni Marignano

San Giovanni Marignano has always been characterized by soil fertility. In the past, both the Pope and Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta used it as a granary, that is, a land that produced big quantities of wheat to be then exported to northern Italy. Do not miss out on the Museum of Farming Art and Civilization to get a closer look at this wonderful place. What’s more, don’t forget to taste a local wine. San Giovanni is the city of wine!


Montegridolfo perfectly represents the typical Malatesta architecture. The village is located in between two valleys and has therefore always been considered a borderland. Since it mainly acted as a defense, Montegridolfo was built as a “donjon”, that is, a hamlet with a rectangular plan, with walls and tower. Another fun fact is that the municipality is part of the Gothic Line, which was designed by Hitler and was the backdrop of many battles between Germans and allies.

The magical Republic of San Marino

About 30 minutes by car or by bus from Rimini is the San Marino, known all over the world as one of the oldest republics, founded in 301 A.D.
If you love the charm of old villages and breathtaking views, San Marino will flabbergast you!  The wonderful medieval center is perfectly intact and it is truly suggestive to walk through its narrows streets to the top of the mount where the 3 fortresses stand, the symbol of the Republic.  On your way up you can stop in one of the many restaurants to eat something or enjoy shopping in the various duty-free shops!

If you prefer cycling to walking…

Did you know that Rimini and its surroundings are thoroughly paved for cycling?
That’s it! If you come here with your bike or rent one on the spot, you will be spoiled for choice with the many paths to be cycled to discover wonderful places.
Right behind Hotel Villa Lalla is the start point of the cycle path of Marecchia, the river that runs all through the hinterland. This 20-km gravel path is suitable for all, adults and children.
The natural paths that run along the river are worth being cycled in both summer and winter. During the journey you can make detours and discover Verucchio, the Madonna del Saiano, Torriana, San Leo and many other fantastic places.
Instead, if you want to cycle in the city you can take advantage of the cycle path on the seafront that leads to Riccione, which allows you to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Riviera.

From village to village on a mountainbike

Mountain biking lovers will be glad to try this 30-km path, 10 km of which are paved and the other 20 are dirt road.
We are talking about the path that starts from the wooden pedestrian bridge of Rimini, runs along the right bank of the Marecchia river, reaches the city center and leads to a stone and gravel path that continues for 8 km.
From here you get to the Mutoid camp near Santarcangelo, a settlement of foreign artists living as nomads that is worth visiting.

Along the ridges of the Gothic Line

The Gothic Line is famous for the bloody battles that were fought there. However, these places are now home to lush vegetation and landscapes of a thousand shades of green. These are the territories of Coriano, San Clemente and Montecolombo.
The cycle path we are talking about starts in Coriano, Piazza Mazzini, where you then move towards the fortress of Castelleale di San Clemente. Following the white road you soon reach the Castle of San Savino, where you can admire the beauty of the landscape full of vineyards, wheat fields and olive groves that stretch for 8 km of ups and downs.
You will enjoy a good workout for your legs, mind and heart.

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